You are here. But where are you actually?

Welcome to THE CITY — a digital-based exhibition exploring artistic image and social practice in times of global change.

This show is the result of a joint virtual residency that twelve artists and art collectives based in Europe and Russia had undertaken in May-June 2021. For six weeks, they moved into their online studios at the #VirtualSPAR platform to explore the relationship between the modern city and all that is inside, outside, and beyond its urban space.

Together, they reflected on the place and role of art in a modern city and on its potential to change how we experience different environments, engage in social practices, and become agents of change ourselves.

Although THE CITY is imaginary and not found on any actual map, it is, as with everything that is happening online nowadays, at the same time very real. The virtual communication through a screen that once created a seemingly inseparable distance now offers the way to overcome it. It introduces a new sense of presence, citizenship, togetherness.

THE CITY that was built by the artists and that you are entering now, offers you twelve different districts to explore, each presenting a unique artistic vision. You can navigate them by turning the spherical object on the front page. If you’re interested in getting to know the artists and looking behind the curtain on their creative processes, you can watch the CITY WALKS series or visit the #VirtualSPAR platform. We also encourage you to engage further, by leaving your comments on the artworks in a special section or by making a note in our guest book.

Stay tuned for the announcements of the public program that is scheduled to take place in September-October 2021.

Anastasia Patsey,

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